What is the beauty of nature? Let’s express it in poetry.

Beneath the vast and endless sky, Where the larks and sparrows fly, There exists a beauty, deep and true, A panorama of nature’s splendid view.

Rivers meander with a serene poise, Reflecting the heavens with a tranquil voice, Mountains rise with majestic might, Their crowns bathed in the morning light.

The trees converse in the whispering wind, Tales of the ages, to the earth, they’ve pinned, Flowers unfurl in a vibrant array, Basking in the kiss of the sun’s warm ray.

Moonlight pirouettes on the placid ocean, A spectacle of nature’s graceful motion, Stars wink from the night’s dark quilt, Guiding wanderers free of guilt.

Seasons waltz in a harmonious round, Each bearing its unique sound, Spring’s awakening, summer’s blaze, Autumn’s palette, winter’s haze.

In every dawn’s golden hue, In every dusk’s twilight blue, In the dew-kissed morning’s reign, In the solace, in the strain.

Nature’s allure is ever-present, In every sight, in every scent, It’s in the soul that truly perceives, The beauty in the rustling leaves.

So pause a while, observe the scene, Immerse in the air so fresh and clean, For in its charm, you will discover, A tranquility like no other.

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